Top Private Equity Firms for the Mid-Market

Created by CEO Connection in 2017, the Top Private Equity Firms for the Mid-Market list recognizes private equity firms that are most effective for mid-market companies.


Private Equity Firm NameWebsite Focus IndustriesHeadquarters
Vista Equity Partners LLC
Software, Technology Services
San Francisco, CA
Tailwind Capital Partners
Healthcare, Business Services, Information Technology, Media, Communications
New York, NY
Cortec Group
Specialty Healthcare, Consumer and Business Products, Distribution, Services
New York, NY
Marlin Equity Partners LLC
Software and Technology, Services, Healthcare, Consumer, and Industrials
Hermosa Bech, CA
Altaris Capital Partners LLC
New York, NY
Court Square Capital Partners LP
Business services, Healthcare, Industrials, Media, Technology, Telecommunications
New York, NY
Industrial Opportunity Partners LLC
Manufacturing, Distribution
Evanston, IL
Carousel Capital Co LLC
Manufacturing, Distribution, Business Services, Telecommunications, Healthcare, Financial Services
Charlotte, NC
RFE Investment Partners
Business Services, Niche Manufacturing and Healthcare Services
New Canaan, CT
American Securities LLC
Communications, Consumer Discretionary, Healthcare, Industrials
New York, NY
Corinthian Capital Group LLC
Manufacturing, Distribution, Service, Consumer Products
New York, NY
Blue Wolf Capital Partners LLC
Niche Manufacturing, Distribution, Services, Healthcare, Information Technology, Others
New York, NY
Comvest Partners
Information Technology and Services, Healthcare, Industrials, Media, Transportation, Consumer Products, Retail
West Palm Beach, FL
New Mountain Capital LLC
Communications, Consumer, Energy, Financial Services, Healthcare, Software and Technology
New York, NY
Graham Partners Inc
Consumer and Industrials
Newton Square, PA
HCP & Co
Business services, Consurmer, Education, Healthcare
Chicago, IL
Riordan Lewis & Haden LLC
Business Services, Healthcare, Government Services
Los Angeles, CA
Wynnchurch Capital Ltd
Manufacturing, Transportation, Logistics, Business Services, Distribution, Energy, Metals, Mining
Rosemont, IL
Sentinel Capital Partners LLC
Consumer, Healthcare, Industrials
New York, NY
MSouth Equity Partners LLC
Manufacturing and Telecommunications
Atlanta, GA
Charlesbank Capital Partners LLC
Education, Communications, Energy, Consumer, Industrials, Healthcare, Financial Services
Boston, MA
Evergreen Pacific Partners Management Co Inc
Manufacturing, Distribution, Specialty Packaging, Consumer Products, Cable Television, Radio 
Seattle, WA
Monomoy Capital Partners LLC
Manufacturing, Industrials, Distribution, Consumer Products
New York, NY
Thoma Bravo LLC
Software and Technology
New York, NY
JLL Partners Inc
Healthcare, Financial, Industrial, Education, Aerospace, Defense
New York, NY